Criminal Defense

countyjailIf you find yourself facing charges for engaging in criminal conduct, of any kind, local or federal, you will want to consider retaining a lawyer to defend you.

I have years of criminal defense experience ranging from drug charges, securities fraud, health care fraud, family violence cases, passport abuse, illegal reentry into the country, weapons violations, check fraud, robbery, kidnapping, burglary, theft, sexual assault, and manslaughter and murder. Most importantly, I have always been on the defense, I have never been a state prosecutor.

The criminal courts and procedures of our state can be difficult to navigate. Each criminal case is unique in its facts and how the law is applied to those facts.

Remember, just because you are charged with a crime doesn’t mean that you did it! And even if you did do it, the State still has to prove that you did beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases, charges can be reduced or even dismissed, and plea bargaining is very important and needs to be done early on in the case, not at the 11th hour. In the event a case does need to be taken to trial, then a solid defense needs to be developed and researched for presentation in court.